Dogs - "Pats and Cuddles are FREE"

$16.00 - Desexed Small dogs (up to 10kgs)

$20.00 - Entire Male Small dogs (up to 10kgs)

$18.00 - Desexed Medium-Large dogs (up to 40kgs)

$25.00 - Entire Male Medium-Large dogs & Dogs over 40kgs (selected breeds only) 

$25.00 - Females in season (on heat)

Cats - "Pats and Cuddles are FREE"
$13.00. We offer outside time to friendly cats at $2.00 per day.

*Costs are based on a 24 hour period or part thereof and  are subject to change.

Hydrobath - $12.00     *Dogs that stay longer than 7 days receive a FREE bath before going home.

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